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Proof of Meditation is an app that incentivizes you to meditate and rewards you for your effort.

Unique pixelart NFT based on your heart rate.


Proof of Meditation

Mental Health is Mental Wealth

What is Proof of Meditation

Proof of Meditation is an app that incentivizes you to meditate and rewards you for your effort.


Membership NFT

Unique pixelart NFT based on your heart rate data

We believe that taking time to be zen and meditate is as valuable as getting your work done and that working on yourself should be rewarded.

Core Team


Thy-Diep Ta


Yip is cofounder at Unit Network, a leading full-fledged DAO builder for the token economy. She has founded Unit Masters, the signature free blockchain literacy program that has trained several thousand pioneers across the globe in Web3 Fundamentals. She is a governor at H.E.R. Dao and co-founder at DLT Talents, both providing scholarships to hundreds of women to enter the blockchain economy. Yip has received several recognitions for her work in closing the gender equitability gap and in well-being (”Proof of Meditation”). In 2022, Yip was recognized as one of [100 inspirational women of Web3]( alongside Galia Benartzi (Bancor), Catherine Wood (ArkInvest), Kathryn Haun (Haun Ventures), and Laura Shin (Unchained). Yip is a meditation trainer and coach, and was the first Chief Well-Being Officer in a company in Germany.


Lena Hierzi


Lena is a software developer coming from the interdisciplinary field of Digital Humanities an intersectional study program that bring together social science and computer science. She also holds a BA in Roman Languages including a minor in Media and Communications. Her goal is to diversify tech intersectional. One important step to making web3 more inclusive is to bring an awareness for wellbeing. To achieve this goal Lena is working on Proof of Meditation. She has been working as a Frontend Engineer in web2 for two years on a cloud-based software solution for law firms and and is now ready to fully enter web3. She participated in Hackathons in EthDenver 2022, Avalanche Summit 2022 and EthAmsterdam 2022 and won several prizes and bounties from e.g. Covalent, Chainlink, Aave and Connext.




Rose is a philosophy and communications major breaking into the web3 space since September 2021. She has written content for different DAOs and is the content strategist for DAOnative, a web3 community growth platform. She recently started organizing IRL workshops “Criticism as a public good” at web3 conferences. Rose sees the workshops as a way to criticize the space for improving the ecosystem and helping it grow in an ethical direction. Rose is also working with the Ethereum Foundation and manages the office in Berlin.

abhi pic square.jpeg

Abhishek Purushotham


Chad Skeers


Chad is a digital artist and meditation teacher, with a 10 years training as a monk in a Buddhist Zen Monastery. He has facilitated hundreds of mindfulness retreats across Europe and the US. He is currently designing and facilitating integrated meditation experiences at crypto conventions, incl. satellite events at Consensus and NFT.NYC.


Abhi is a Master’s graduate with over five years of industry experience in strategic partnerships, digital marketing solutions and new business development across startups and large international organizations.
He co-founded a marketing agency in the web 2.0 space helping SaaS and mobile apps with ‘go-to market’ strategies and social media campaigns. Transitioned to Web 3.0 in 2019 working with the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, one of the largest web 3/blockchain conferences in Europe.
Currently Abhi manages the content marketing engine and social media campaigns for Harmony Protocol which has a community of over 650k followers across channels. He enjoys sharing his knowledge about this space and helping onboard users to web 3.0 by regularly participating in panel discussions and keynote speeches.

PoM @ EthDenver

winner of the Impact track, celebrity vote, 15th in community vote


Heart rate data

POC case study

Data to NFT

See the first pixel NFT based on heart rate data

University of Maastricht

Longterm study on impact of Meditation

Business Model

Meet Us

Proof of Meditation will be at the following conferences:





"The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you."

David Lynch

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